Shivank Kacker

Student - GDC


Student - GDC

Shailesh Aanand

WD03Y21 Cohort

Birsa Institute of Technology

Having the opportunity to learn from Pupilfirst professionals has been extremely beneficial to me. I didn't have a well-structured knowledge of NodeJs as I'm a self-taught programmer. However, the courses taught me the fundamentals of code structure and accepted project methods. The capstone project's challenges have improved my problem-solving abilities. This has piqued my interest in learning and exploring more. Furthermore, I'll be honored to serve as a TA. In the process, I'll improve my skills by assisting others. I'm excited to work with the Pupilfirst team!

Swapnil Jagtap

WD03Y21 Cohort

Pune Institute of Computer Technology

I began my software engineer journey during the covid pandemic. I discovered an interest in Web improvement. I learned concepts of Javascript, React environment, MongoDb and NodeJs. However, I want to get my hands dirty, and I want to work on real-world projects. I got an email from the school about the CoronaSafe Network and I quickly applied. After finishing the assignment I got chosen for the interview. As it was my first interview I was very nervous. Jasim took my interview and he was excessively amicable to the point that I forgot It was the interview. On 14 Jan, the selected student list was announced and I was stunned! I got chosen for the fellowship. Out of 50,000+applicants, only 24 students were selected and I was one of them. After smooth onboarding, we began to work on the ARIKE project. Sharing your ideas with team members and understanding other's opinions is only possible if you work in a team environment. I learned the software development process, how to organize your code, got real-world experience of Typescript and React projects. I learned to optimize code and much more. The main thing I like about fellowship is you don't have to compromise your academics. This is what I was expecting from the fellowship. Coronsafe Fellowship was above my expectations. Coronasafe Engineering Fellowship is one of the best things that happened to my software developer journey. Smooth onboarding, friendly mentors, everything is just perfect. It was a nice experience working with industry experts.

Samyuktha Ganeshkumar

WD03Y21 Cohort

Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering

Before joining the fellowship, all I knew was to code in a few languages but if asked to develop an entire web app on my own, I would have probably passed on the opportunity. Even with so many tutorials online, I often get confused about where to start and what topics are worth learning. That is when I chanced upon this fellowship and decided to give it a shot. I saw the coding assignment given to us as an opportunity to build a project for my Github profile and I even took the risk of coding in a language that I had only learnt for three months then. One thing led to the other and I am super grateful to have been selected for this fellowship! The 10-week training that we had, opened me up to the world of web development which I probably would not have explored without the motivation and sense of community I experienced from my mentors and peers. With a well-defined curriculum, we were encouraged to ask doubts no matter how small they were and I loved how we were pushed to explore concepts beyond the material given. Pointers on how programming in the tech industry should be done were immensely helpful and have changed the way I think while writing code. My first ever web app and first-ever pull request for an open-source project are only a few of many opportunities that this fellowship has created for me and I couldn't have asked for more!

Shri Hari L

WD03Y21 Cohort,

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Anna University

My Internship Journey with CoronaSafe Network was super amazing. It was very interesting to learn Web Development and build out tools for serving the nation. I have learnt technical skills like Functional Programming, working with MVCs and a lot more. I have also learnt soft skills including how to do pair programming, to work in teams, speaking etiquettes and more. I thank Pupilfirst, CoronaSafe & AICTE for giving me this opportunity!
Few weeks after my training started, I was very much motivated to learn more new stuff. It was really inspiring how my mentors were guiding me in each and every step. Once my training period was over, I joined with my mates in a project called ARIKE which is a centralized software system for Palliative Care. It made me even more excited to contribute to the Open Source World.
I even started digging the source code of most popular products. Later during the COVID-19 second wave, we worked on a project called LIFE which served the emergency leads to millions of people around the nation. It was a great experience while working on an application which just scaled up in a single week.
Later I worked on CARE, Patient Management System used by Coronasafe Network for pandemic management in Kerala. I could make myself contribute some translations for the project. Also, worked on its Dashboard, revamping its performance by implementing new frameworks. I thank all my mentors and my mates who worked with me.
I learnt a lot of new things while working with the team. My sincere gratitude to Pupilfirst, CoronaSafe Network and AICTE for providing this great opportunity for the students.

Apurva Nagar

WD03Y21 Cohort,

New Horizon College Of Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University

The CoronaSafe Fellowship was a one of a kind program which gave me a headstart in learning how software development happens in industry.
From the amazing training given by coaches, I was able to work with the latest tech stack on production level systems being used in multiple districts and pair programming with other interns and tech leads.
It enhanced both my tech and interpersonal skills. This is something I will always cherish.

Arpan Abhishek

WD03Y21 Cohort,

CMR Institute of Technology

Visvesvaraya Technological University

I got to know about the programme from a friend of mine and I applied on the same day.
The application we had to develop as part of the admission task was to be built in 5 hours to 2 days and I was so excited about it and was able to complete it within 1-2 hours.
I had a lot of expectations, like getting mentorship, building a solid network of developers and the programme met every expectation of mine.
It helped me grow as a developer and taught me how to work with git and collaborate with the team.

Karan Sanjeev

WD03Y21 Cohort,

KCG College of Technology

Anna University

Coronasafe Engineering Fellowship Programme made it possible for me to write code that helps thousands of patients and doctors.
They gave me quality guidance and mentorship while also connecting me with industrial specialists.

Khavin Shankar G

WD03Y21 Cohort,

SRM Institute of Science and Technology

SRM University

I had a very productive, fun, and unique experience throughout my fellowship. I applied to this fellowship to improve my coding skills, but I got lots more out of it.
We had AMA sessions on Tuesdays with industry experts and entrepreneurs which were interesting and motivating. During our training, we happen to do assignments that will be reviewed, and suggestions on how to improve them further were given which was really helpful.
I learned new stacks like Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, rescript, React, and Django, some of which I never used before. I got first-hand experience working on applications that were in production and used by multiple state governments to combat COVID-19. The best part of this fellowship is that I met so many new people, fellow interns, coaches, developers, managers, and many others, all of them were easily approachable and helpful.
We did lots of peer coding with other fellows, which was new and interesting, this helped me learn new coding styles and approaches. To summarize all this in a single sentence, I had a very productive, fun, and unique experience throughout my fellowship.

Sandra Kakkarayil Jayakumar

WD03Y21 Cohort,

College of Engineering Trivandrum

APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (initially Kerala Technological University)

The 10-weeks fellowship programme helped me build a strong foundation in ruby, react and rescript. The hands-on tutorials and programming assignments helped me learn much better and faster. The mentors were approachable and really helpful in clearing my doubts and giving suggestions for improvements.

Abhinandan Arya

WD03Y21 Cohort,

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College

University of Delhi

Before the programme, I was completely unfamiliar with backend development. I only knew Android Dev.
But App development had some limitations related to version support and platform(even in cross platform app dev like Flutter etc). Also I wanted to solve some problems which can be portably accessed.
That inspired me to switch to web development and at that time I heard about Coronasafe Engineering Fellowship Programme, I was very much excited to have such experience. After the fellowship, I was able to enhance my backend dev skills with rails.
Also the interaction with other fellows and coaches help me to explore many things.

Peeyush Goyal

WD03Y21 Cohort,

University Insititute of Engineering and Technology

Panjab University

The journey with CoronaSafe Network has been really amazing. I, being a developer, love to develop software products and tools which create value in other people's lives. CoronaSafe Network provided me with that opportunity.
Initially we had no knowledge of programming languages used in the software. We learnt new languages in a few weeks and then were working on building production applications in the 4th month. We had complete ownership of the work that we did. Constant guidance from the CoronaSafe Network team really helped me to improve and become a better software developer.

Divya Garg

WD03Y21 Cohort,

University Maharani College

University of Rajasthan

Coronasafe internship gave me the opportunity to get valuable hands-on experience and knowledge about how softwares actually works and are maintained. I have learned a lot of valuable skills which I will use throughout my future career. It is a great opportunity for interns to apply their knowledge to real life situations.

Amith Kumar

WD03Y21 Cohort,

National Institute of Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University

The program helped me a lot to grow as an open source developer and taught me a ton of things about how to work in a team. It was a great opportunity to work on a real time project and help lakhs of people.

Pradipta Ghoshal

WD03Y21 Cohort,

College of Engineering and Management

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology

The fellowship not only taught me new technologies but also very valuable best practices, programming paradigms which is helping me a lot at work now. My favourite part was one to one interaction with the coaches as they were super fun and the most helpful!